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The spiral configurations found within the atomic, physical and cosmological systems show that all these systems function through structured processes. Therefore all these systems are designed conditions. In turn, human innovation functions through structured processes and is therefore also a designed condition. That designed condition is unmasked here with the insights outlined below through the lens of the ITP.

The Skill of Creativity

Most new ideas, products and businesses fail. This failure to successfully innovate happens because an individual allows the independent attributes of emotion and intuition to overpower and twist their critical thinking. Emotion and intuition are the most influential attributes of human existence and are at the heart of all innovation. But if an individual does not control and use them as tools, they will end up using the individual. Learning to use emotion and intuition as tools alongside critical thinking is the essence of what the skill of creativity is. All great artists naturally learn and practice this skill. Now the ITP teaches individuals in the commercial space this skill as well.


Transforming U.S. Education

Companies are increasingly depending on creative teams to continually innovate. Therefore there is now a clear priority for U.S. Education to develop the creative skill sets of students. But this is not happening because educators have no process to achieve this end result. Furthermore, such a process would have to be scalable throughout the entire education system. Such a process does exist and its called the ITP. The ITP is already helping develop the innovation ability of professionals in commercial system and can help students develop a successful entrepreneurial creative mindset in the education system.

Breakthrough Innovators


Collectively, breakthrough innovators have the role of being the main catalysts that continually push/pull society to evolve, no matter the political, social, government or military state of affairs. Once breakthrough innovators manifest their concepts, it forces society to conform around them and hence evolve. In the modern commercial space, breakthrough innovators are the only ones with a strong enough intuitive drive to have the confidence and determination to push/pull their companies forward through the brutal processes of Creative Destruction. That is a necessary process because in order for a company to be sustainable it must continually destroy its old products/services and creatively replace them with new ones.


Extreme Experiences


Through the past 3,400 years, humans have been entirely at peace for only 268 of them, or just 8 percent of recorded history. Yes, there has also been an equal amount of extreme love/cooperation within each family, village, city, state and nation unit to sustain human existence between the extreme hate/conflict. But that’s the point; the push for extreme experiences is not an option that humans can evolve out of. It’s a designed condition for humans to continually and endlessly pull and push for both extremes in order for innovation to exist.

Developing Self-Aware AI

In the future, Self-Aware AI will be used in cloud-based apps and as the core mechanism within society’s main systems – such as; military, police, agriculture, medicine, education, infrastructure, transportation, financial, judicial, space exploration and all commercial systems. It will also be used as a customized representative for each citizen’s views on the thousands of new laws, regulations and ordinances being passed by humans within all levels of government. Furthermore, Self-Aware AI will be able to repair problems within systems and expand its abilities in needed areas, as well as program specialized linear AI to use as tools.


New Neuroscience Model

Neuroscientists have no serious model on the process of how the mind actually functions. Their widespread assumption is that millions of neurons fire in the brain to miraculously produce the mind. They equate brain with mind, even though each are separate things. The mind components of Self, Divergent Thought, Intuition and Emotion cannot originate from a brain cell that breaks down into molecules, atoms and subatomic particles. But there is a more directionally accurate model of the brain/mind dynamic that can be understood through computer terminology; where the brain is like an adaptive biological motherboard while the mind is a separate operating system that runs and restructures the brain.

New Unified Physics Causality Model

Physics is the mother of all science. All the life, social and technology sciences, that directly evolve society, are tethered under physics. So if physics models become outdated, all tethered sciences become flawed and society suffers. For instance, the wrong guidance from Chemistry (on climate change), Biology (on infectious disease), Neuroscience (on innovative thinking process), Sociology (on hate/intolerance), Economics (on financial systems) and Engineering (on technological impact) metastasizes into a variety of global crisis within an interconnected world. Blame is allocated onto other factors, when the underlying root cause is the failure of physics. Therefore, physics has a moral obligation, and not just an academic one, to be a fearless pioneer to lead with their models.


New Unified Physics Structure Model


This new unified physics structure model can be titled in many ways. But the one that has been selected was chosen solely because it is the most internationally recognizable term of; Unified Field Theory (UFT). There are only two criteria a UFT model has to have to be valid:

1. To be an interconnected cognitive (purpose) and physical (process) phenomena from the quantum to the multiverse.

2. Not contradicted by current data and evidence.

In the future the UFT will radically evolve as data and experiments offer new evidence with mathematical descriptions being added along the way. This process will create a reinforcing loop where the consequences of math will alter the UFT model and the altered model will open room for new ways to analyze and predict the physical phenomena. But as long as the continually updated UFT model meets the two criteria above, it remains valid.

Music And Art; Catalysts For Creativity


In the future, success will be completely reliant on an individual’s ability to innovate. Therefore, the most valuable skill in the future will be the skill of creativity. While the ITP develops this skill, music and art are strongest catalysts for stimulating it. The reason is that both are exactly the same vehicle but in different form; music is liquid and art is frozen music. But what is only now being recognized is that there’s a powerful self-reinforcing loop. The very act of expressing music and art in-turn stimulates more creativity. Music is a stronger catalyst than art and, within the music domain, the violin family of string instruments stimulates creativity the strongest. Therefore, just like successful athletes must do physical workouts by lifting weights, successful innovators must do cognitive workouts by playing string instruments.


Technology Triad Apps

For thousands of years, human success was driven by knowledge of hard skills. However, this will be changing shortly because of the advancement of quantum computing, AI and big data (Technology Triad), which will be combined into cloud-based apps. These Technology Triad Apps will scale quickly around the world and replace human labor in diverse fields. In this new era only the skill of creativity will be in demand. Individuals without this skill will become unemployed and education systems will become obsolete and collapse. The Technology Triad Apps will disrupt society like nothing ever has before it.

New Monetary System

The global monetary system initially provided immense benefits to the world. But now many people have come to see it as a rigged and corrupt system to enrich the banks, the financial sector, the super rich and to launder the money of cartels and authoritarian regimes. This global monetary system is also at the heart of the world's income inequality and why there are growing numbers of uprisings in nations around the world. Blame for all these problems is usually deflected and allocated elsewhere. But the core responsibility resides solely with the global monetary system, which has become a deceptive wealth transfer process.

Solutions have been proposed dealing with some form legislative and/or tax measures. But these are just bandaids on a mortal wound. The core issue not being addressed is the global fiat money itself. The paradox is that the only real solution is to keep a global monetary system but have it based on a completely new type of money: Tangible Trust Cryptocurrency.

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