ITP Origins

To understand the origin of the ITP and why it is so impactful, a breakthrough paradigm on the brain/mind dynamic called the Mind Model needs to be understood first.

Within the Mind Model, the biological body exists to move the brain, which exists to harbor the mind. This can be better understood through computer terminology; where the brain is like an adaptive biological motherboard while the mind is a separate operating system that runs and restructures the brain. So the mind uses, but is not produced by the brain. (Deeper insight into the new Neuroscience).

Your mind is also not one single component but comprised of several separate mind components. Starting with the main mind component which is 'you' – the identity you sense and perceive your 'Self' to be. You are also the decision maker. The other mind components include divergent thought, intuition and emotion. This paradigm of there being delineation between you and all the other mind components is actually not new. It has been the cornerstone of Buddhism for thousands of years. But until now, this paradigm has been wrapped in the cloak of religion and philosophy. What the Mind Model does is unmask these concepts in scientific terms so they can be used as tools for innovation.