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OIsource was founded by Anton Krutz, who is an entrepreneur and craftsman. Before OIsource, he founded and built several multimillion dollar businesses. Anton accomplished this because as a young man he had an unquenchable curiosity that led to a Renaissance of learning. He has extensively studied the arts, physics, philosophy, education, business productivity and even the essence of human existence. He also learned the personal disciplines of ideation, meditation and stoicism. The interconnected thought in these diverse fields continued to germinate in Anton's mind and evolved into a unique insight. The essence of which was an understanding of what motivates human curiosity, creativity and the desire to explore new ideas, which can ultimately lead to innovation. This was now delving in the basics of human nature.

What followed was to dissect the natural laws that govern human nature. It was on that path that an external, intuitive guidance seemed to push Anton to interconnect his experiences and understanding within the history of all these diverse fields and disciplines. Coming from what seemed divine inspiration was an understanding that physics, consciousness and emotion are the three foundational pillars that govern human nature. As he pursued that understanding he eventually developed scientific models for how these three pillars function and are interconnected. The evolution of these models crystalized into the development of the ITP and the ability to empower corporate teams and students with the ability for high-level problem solving and innovation.

You can learn more about Anton at:​anton-krutz

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