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Teaching a breakthrough process to

harness creativity and drive innovation

Open Innovation Source

The ability to harness creativity and drive innovation is now a critical advantage in the hyper-competitive modern world where it’s no longer sufficient to just improve on average ideas and rely on a successful blind shot in the dark to come up with solutions.

Furthermore, in the near future quantum computing AI and big data will be combined into cloud-based apps. These apps will quickly scale around the world and replace human labor in different fields. This, along with agile robotics, will quickly disrupt society as we know it by decimating careers and education. (Complete information at: At that point, having only hard skills, the attribute that dictated human success for thousands of years, will become obsolete without additionally having a process for high-level problem solving and innovation.

OIsource defines this process of discovery and creation as the ability to ‘Source What’s Next’. If your team is to find future success, then understanding and using this ability to guide you through the maze of What’s Next is mandatory. To accomplish this outcome, OIsource created a new breakthrough training called the ITP, which stands for Innovative Thinking Process.

Find out how the ITP can help your team leapfrog the competition and secure your future success with the cutting edge ability to Source What’s Next.

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