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The ITP Course

Coming up with new ideas is at the heart of innovation.

Traditionally, ideation sessions have been used to “group think” new ideas. But most of those ideas fail.

Depending on the year and field, anywhere from 70% to 95% of new ideas for product launches fail and around 75% of new ideas for all venture capital backed start-ups fail. So it has always been assumed that innovation is just a blind shot in the dark. Until now.

That is why the ITP (Innovative Thinking Process) is a completely different approach to originating new ideas and is the opposite of the interaction within group ideation sessions. The ITP allows the individual to focus on the essence and development of an idea in isolation and without distraction.

Here is another source documenting why thinking in isolation is the most productive form of thinking: Why Brainstorming Groups Kill Breakthrough Ideas. Even Nicola Tesla understood this in his time when he pointed out: “Originality thrives in seclusion, free of outside influences…”. After going through the ITP, you will have a thorough understanding of the validity and relevance of your ideas. Then at that point, the group ideation session can become productive for all participants involved.


ITP LEVEL ONE COURSE is delivered online. It is a thinking and writing process that develops your ability to intentionally originate, interconnect and validate relevant ideas as the foundation for successful innovation. There are ten stages that begin with ideation and then uniquely expose the opportunities and risks of both the ideas and their implications. The ITP is a self-directed solitary endeavor that uses statements, questions and answers that are structured in such a way as to give you a new experience and challenge you to think differently. When used at its most basic level it develops a new skill to problem solve with new ideas. When the ITP starts to be used more extensively it reaches beyond ideas and actually develops Idea Models. This is the reason breakthrough innovators succeed, because of their skill to develop Idea Models that have the capability to project future disruptive concepts that cannot yet be experienced directly.

(Deeper Insight Into The Role Of Breakthrough Innovators).

To simplify what the ITP does, lets use an analogy. Imagine that innovation is a boat on the ocean and you are alone in that boat. That boat has no sail or rudder and is being pushed around by the current and wind. Think about the current as your thoughts and the wind as your emotion and intuition. That means that the most you have done to so far is instinctively react to the whims of the current and wind without understanding how they function or what you can do to use them in order to control your destiny. That is why the vast majority of innovation boats fail, sinking and crashing onto shore. Now to complete the analogy, the ITP teaches you how to use the current and wind by constructing a sail and rudder for your innovation boat. Thereby empowering you to use the current and wind as tools to successfully control your destiny.

ITP LEVEL TWO COURSE is delivered in person. It is for the hard-core creatives who want to further amplify their ability to innovate. It will present a new paradigm on the mind, your mind, called the Mind Model. This course will take a deep dive into how to use those new concepts within the ITP exercise. It can yield a path to find out if you are one of those rare individuals that ultimately has the ability to master these skills and become a breakthrough innovator.

You can find the complete documentation of the Mind Model on this site to help you get started. But the only place you can learn how to apply this paradigm is in this course.

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