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Breakthrough Innovators

Breakthrough innovators have a natural ability for innovation because they have, from birth, pre-wired brains with in-sync minds for it. Then due to their driven curiosity, their minds continue to re-wire their brains to further develop that natural ability. The result is one where breakthrough innovators become aware of their intelligence collaborating with their intuition to discover information from outside their own personal knowledge base for breakthrough concepts. (Deeper dive into ​the new Neuroscience). Like Einstein noted: “The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap of consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you…”

In the modern commercial space, breakthrough innovators always push to constantly innovate products/service. In contrast, non-breakthrough innovator leadership eventually succumbs to the desire of extending the life cycle revenue of old products/services because the compensation structure of everyone connected with their company is built around the old products/services. Consequently, without the leadership drive of a breakthrough innovator to cut through the entrenched resistance of internal employees and outside investors, most companies will eventually fail.

The few individuals that were born to be natural breakthrough innovators were under constant and intense mental pressure while being pushed/pulled (so they can do the same to society) to fulfill their destiny or be destroyed trying. An example of some of the most famous of these individuals in this century are; Einstein, Tesla and Jobs. These types of individuals through history have been canonized for their contribution to society. Though it must be understood that natural breakthrough innovators were enslaved to their destiny. They were never free or had other options. But there are many other very gifted individuals that have brains and minds with immense potential that are not pre-set for breakthrough innovation. These individuals therefore have many life outcome options open to them in many fields of their choosing for incremental innovation. Yet strong character attributes of perseverance and self-motivation to constantly push their mind’s curiosity to evolve led some of these individuals to go beyond incremental innovation and become self-determined breakthrough innovators. An example of some of the most famous of these individuals in this century are; Edison, Ford, Gates, Branson, Page, Brin, Zuckerberg, Bezos, and Musk.

But the development of self-determined breakthrough innovators is incidental, or so it was thought. There needs to be a process to intentionally develop breakthrough innovators. That is one of the reasons why the ITP (Innovative Thinking Process) Course was created. The extensive use of the ITP acts as a catalyst to increase the velocity and volume of information that the mind is capable of integrating into innovation. The totality of this process then yields a path to find out if someone ultimately has the ability to master these skills and become a breakthrough innovator. In the future, as the ITP becomes widely used, the increased numbers of breakthrough innovators it develops will ultimately change the trajectory and evolution of society.

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